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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Speed Counts

When it comes to winning deals these days, speed can make or break the deal. And after you win the deal, then cost counts. So it should come as no surprise that Prime Metals strategy is designed to do just that:


To do that we’ve built a better manufacturing flow and innovated at every step in the buying process, which you will see incorporated in this site in the coming weeks. But until then, here’s a taste of one of our innovations…

In manufacturing, employees on the production line typical start and stop at the same time each day. When business increases, they get backed up, causing delays. This hurts current and future business.

Prime Metals Production Line

Follows what we call batch based manufacturing (BBM)

BBM separates the work into distinct batches. The end point for one batch is the starting point for the next batch. And the start and end times are staggered such that each batch starts with a full backlog of work and completes all items before they leave for the day.

This means that no matter how busy we get, you can always count on us to deliver.

Prime Metals Production Line

Founding Principles

Make it count

You only get one shot at a great account. No “what ifs”. Prime Metals makes every shot count, everyday. From ordering, to making, to delivering, and to supporting.


Prime Metal Batched Based Manufacturing is super fast, even when we are super busy. You will always get it.


When you get a bunch of talented, experienced, and passionate people working on business together, the magic of innovation happens naturally!


Our quality formula is hiring top talent, putting in state of the art equipment, and running them all on agile, harden processes


The more we innovate and drive out labor and overhead, the more competitive you can be, so the more business we to do together!

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At Prime Metal Products, we are constantly improving on existing and building new capabilities for streamlining and speeding services.
Everything from cutting the Time-To-Quote (TTQ) in half, to shipping orders as soon as the next day, and everything in between.
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